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Quire is a modern, multiformat publishing tool designed for longevity, discoverability, and scholarship. Using a single set of plain text files, Quire creates books as authoritative and enduring as print and as vibrant and feature-rich as the web—all without paying a fee or maintaining a complicated server.

Created by Getty, free to use.

Quire is an ideal solution for anyone seeking to publish beautiful digital books optimized for visual imagery and designed to ensure widely accessible and stable content.

Quire allows for greater preservation and digital distribution of works in a simplified format.

—Kris Thayer, Minneapolis Institute of Art

  • Affordable No proprietary software or ongoing maintenance fees required
  • Discoverable Increase visibility by publishing as PDF, e-book, website, or print-on-demand
  • Sustainable Based around static site generation and plain text files ensuring stability and longevity
  • Book-like Built-in understanding of high-quality, scholarly publishing with clean, modern design
  • Accessible Outputs accessible online editions, targeting full WCAG2.0 conformance
  • Open Access Follows open-source standards with goal of official open-source launch in spring 2022
  • French Paintings and Pastels, 1600-1945: The Collections of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Edited by Aimee Marcereau DeGalan

    The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

    Collection Catalogue | 2021

    Quire user: @salger1

  • Highpoint Editions: A History & Catalogue, 2001–2021: Dennis Michael Jon, Jennifer L. Roberts, and Jill Ahlberg Yohe

    Minneapolis Institute of Art

    Collection Catalogue | 2021

    Quire users: @kristhayer11 @kjell

  • Materia: Journal of Technical Art History Vol. 1, Issue 1

    Materia: Journal of Technical Art History

    Journal | 2021

    Quire users: @materiajournal @sophielamb

  • Ray Komai: *Architectural Forum* Covers 1953-1963

    The Graphics Office

    Exhibition Catalogue | 2020

    Quire user: @natalienardello

  • The State of Museum Digital Practice | 2021: A collection of graduate essays and responses, Museums and Technology | George Washington University

    Museum Studies at the George Washington University

    Essays | 2021

    Quire user: @shineslike

Features & Functionality

Customizable Design

Allows for a wide range of possible custom features and styles

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Multimedia Support

Expands rich scholarship with embedded audio, video, deep-zooming images and more

icon indicating a picture, a video player and an audio player

Single-source Publishing

Multiformat output from a single set of source files speeds production without duplicating effort

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Simplified Structure

Keeps source content in nonspecialized plain text to ensure reusability

icon showing a plain text document

The Quire Community

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Quire is used by a growing community of scholars, publishers, curators, developers, and the digitally curious. The Quire community is vibrant and diverse, representing a broad spectrum of institutions that provide vital scholarship in the arts and humanities, at all sizes and scales. We support and empower our community at every level of technical experience. All are welcome.

Joining the Quire community is as easy as becoming a user, sharing your work, contributing code, or attending/hosting a Quire event, among other exciting opportunities.