What Is Quire?

Learn what Quire is, how it works, and whether it’s right for you

Learn what Quire is, how it works, and whether it’s right for you

Developed by Getty, Quire offers an elegant and affordable digital publishing solution ideal for creating dynamic publications in a variety of formats, including web, print, and e-book. In addition to being optimized for scholarly and visually rich publishing, Quire books are designed for longevity, sustainability, and discoverability.

Through the use of static site generation and plain text files, Quire makes it possible to preserve and distribute works in a stable and accessible format. Quire is flexible and feature-rich and can be used in its most basic configuration, or it can be customized, adapting to a vast array of use cases. Individuals at all levels of technical experience can use Quire. Our rapidly growing community includes scholars, curators, editors, designers, web developers, and the digitally curious.

Currently under development for potential release as open-source software, Quire builds upon Getty’s expertise in traditional book publishing and is the cornerstone of the institution’s pioneering digital publishing program. Through the development of Quire, Getty is carving a path forward for individuals and institutions looking to solve the challenges of creating digital books that are not only as beautiful as the print books we know and love but are equally as enduring.

Institutions that have published using Quire:

Ad Hoc Museum Collective / Duke University (Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab) / The Graphics Office / The University of Hong Kong (Libraries + Museum and Art Gallery) / J Paul Getty Trust (Museum + Publications) / Boston Public Library (Leventhal Map & Education Center) / Mills College Art Museum / Minneapolis Institute of Art / The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art / Northwestern University (Libraries) / Emory University (Pitts Theology Library, Candler School of Theology) / San Jose Museum of Art / Tilt West

Quire has been used to produce:

Collection catalogues / exhibition catalogues / guides and toolkits / journals / online exhibitions / personal histories / proceedings volumes / reports / research projects / supplements to print publications

Features & Functionality

  • Multiformat Output Generate publications as websites, EPUB and MOBI e-books, and PDFs
  • Realtime Publication Preview Make changes and view them live in your browser
  • Web Accessibility Include logical reading order, alt texts, language codes, semantic section elements, and more
  • SEO Optimization Include metadata and tags for enhanced
  • Single-source Publishing Change content once to change it across all formats, without duplicating effort
  • Customizable Styles & Fonts Customize your publication’s look and feel to suit your needs
  • Figure Images & Image Groups Include high quality images in a variety of configurations
  • Zooming Images Enable deep zooming capabilities with IIIF
  • Video & Audio Embeds Insert audio and video clips (Soundcloud, YouTube, and Vimeo)
  • Dynamic Navigation Use table of contents and menus to navigate and jump to other sections
  • Full-text Search Perform a global search throughout your publication
  • Page-level Citation Automatically generate citations to help readers reference your publication
  • Linkable Footnotes Include footnotes that automatically link between note and text
  • Pop-up Bibliographies Add pop-up citations and create bibliographies for a page or a whole book
  • Responsive Design Web design adapts to smartphones, tablets, and desktops

Is Quire Right for You?

  • Quire is developed, tested, and used by Getty. Getty is committed to Quire’s continued use and growth in the field. Learn about Quire’s history.
  • Quire is free to use. No proprietary software or ongoing maintenance is required. Learn more about how Quire works.
  • E-book files are distribution-ready for Amazon, Apple, and other vendors; PDF files are print-on-demand ready, and the online edition can be hosted on any web server. Learn how to output and deploy your site.
  • Quire is compatible with most operating systems, including macOS and Windows. See our installation guidelines for more information.
  • No pre-existing technical skills are necessary. We are developing helpful tools and resources to support our users. Take our tutorial and browse our list of resources.
  • We have a vibrant and diverse community of users who are available to answer your questions and provide guidance. Visit our Quire Community Forum.
  • We are moving Quire towards an open-source, community-supported model, and are currently following open-source software standards. Learn why we choose an open-source model.
  • For more detailed information about whether Quire is right for you, visit our Implementation Considerations.

Still not sure? Feel free to contact us for a one-on-one consultation to determine if Quire is right for you.