Learn about forthcoming features and other software updates

Learn about forthcoming features and other software updates

The Quire team at Getty continues its work on Quire, including improving the installation process and overall architecture, in addition to ongoing enhancements for web accessibility. A number of specific features will be developed in conjunction with forthcoming Getty Publications’ books and released to the Quire community.

Quire Features in Development

  • 360º Images Implements 360° rotating images as a standard feature for Quire publications.

  • Deep Linking Implements functionality for deep linking to IIIF image regions and image annotation layers within a Quire publication.

  • Accordion Sections Allows sections of primary content to be collapsed/expanded by a reader. Accordion sections are defined by an author using Quire markup short-codes and templates.

  • Catalogue Filters Adds a set of HTML user interface elements to online Quire publications that allow a reader to update the objects displayed, showing only those that match the selected filter criteria. Catalogue filters will be based on the object meta-data fields defined in the objects.yml, and the display of filters will be configurable by authors.

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