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Join the Quire community

Join the Quire community

Welcome to the Quire Community!

As an ever-evolving, open-source tool, our community members’ participation, feedback, and contributions are what enable us to continue developing, improving, and spreading the word about Quire. No matter what level of experience you have, we recognize and celebrate all community contributions, big and small.

Answer Forum Questions

Help your peers navigate Quire by offering advice and technical support on our community forum.

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Share Your Work

Share your finished publications with the Quire team so we can feature them on our Community Showcase and in our monthly newsletter.

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Present Your Project

Present your Quire projects at annual academic, museum, and publishing conferences. Let us know if you plan on presenting so we can promote your participation.

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Organize an Event

Organize Quire workshops, webinars, and other events. Let us know how we can help support and promote your event. In the meantime, browse other upcoming Quire events.

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Submit or Fix a Bug

Bugs are sneaky, and we need your help spotting and fixing them! If you come across something broken or that just doesn’t look right, please add it to our issues list. Or pick an issue from the list to tackle. Learn more in our Bug Reporting Instructions.

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Edit Documentation

The Quire Documentation is a perpetual work in progress. Dive in and help us add to, refine, and translate our user manual.

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Write a Recipe

Share instructions on how to create popular customization in Quire. These recipes are included in the Resources section of our website.

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Test Documentation

Provide critical feedback and help us improve our documentation’s usability by filling out a friction log.

This is a potentially compensated opportunity.

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Become an Ambassador

Bring Quire into your community and beyond. We are looking for Quire lovers and super users interested in helping us expand the tool’s access and use!

Coming Soon …

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