Implementation Considerations

Is Quire right for you and your project?

Is Quire right for you and your project?


As of 2022, Quire was released as open-source software under a BSD 3-Clause license.

Technology Requirements

  • Quire is compatible with macOS and Windows. Currently, support is better for macOS.

  • Quire is powered by 11ty, a static site generator, and includes programs such as Vite, Paged.js, CanvasPanel, and IIIF.

  • Installing Quire also requires installing several third-party applications: Node.js, xCode (for Mac users), GitHub Desktop (optional), and a text editor (such as Atom).

  • A standard web server/hosting service is required for publishing your project, but no special server software or setup is required. For site deploy, we recommend using either Netlify or GitHub Pages.

Skill Requirements

  • Quire does not offer a graphical user interface. Instead, publications are built using the and a . Working in human-readable plain text files is key to ensuring the stability and longevity of Quire publications.

  • Quire can be used “out of the box” by any individual, no matter their skill level. We provide documentation and additional resources to aid non-technical users in gaining the skills necessary to use Quire.

  • Advanced knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Liquid is required to customize Quire beyond its basic configuration.

Affiliated Costs

  • Quire is free to use, however, depending on the nature of the project it can be helpful to hire a developer for general technical support, design customization, and deployment. Please reach out to us ( if you would like freelance developer recommendations.

Content Compatibility

  • Quire is optimized for book-like projects. Especially those that rely on visual illustrations and/or scholarly apparatus like citations, bibliographies, and footnoting.

  • For those looking to publish more non-textual, image-intensive presentations, like an online exhibition or a fully illustrated children’s book or graphic novel, Quire may not be the right fit.

  • Using Quire for journal publishing is also an option, though not yet fully developed. Please see our Community Showcase for current examples of journals created using Quire.


  • Quire projects, once published, no longer require Quire to keep running. After publication, a compatible version of Quire would only be necessary to make new updates and re-output the various file formats. To update your version of Quire please see the Install or Update section of this guide.