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  • May 2022: Exciting Development News, What You Need to Know About 11ty & Quire, Next Steps
  • April 2022: Library Publishing Forum, YAML: Create Once and Publish Everywhere, IIIF Museums Community Group, Museum Publishing Digital Interest Group (MuPuDIG), Materia: Journal of Technical Art History
  • March 2022: Quire Case Study: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Customize Quire with Style Variables, The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
  • February 2022: Introducing a Sample Quire Workflow, Pandoc: Converting Word files into Markdown, New & Updated Documentation, Museum Publishing Digital Interest Group, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Mills College Museum of Art
  • January 2022: Community Survey Results, Contributing to the Quire Website & Documentation, Akron Art Museum, The State of Museum Digital Practice 2021


  • December 2021: New Publications from the Community, Quire by the Numbers, Looking Forward to 2022, Quire at Open Publishing Fest, Complete the Community Survey by 12/10, What do you love about Quire?, Thank you Contributors
  • November 2021: Contribute to the Quire-Docs Repository, Coming Soon: End-of-Year Quire Survey, Update to Node.js Installation Instructions, Getty Publications
  • October 2021: Quire at MuseumNext: Digital Collections Summit, New List of Digital Publishing Resources, Contributing to the Quire Website & Documentation, Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • September 2021: New Feature Launch: Multi-level Subsections, Quire Design Guide for YAML & Markdown, Introducing Pull Request Templates, MuseumNext: Digital Collections Summit, Tilt West Journal
  • August 2021: Quire at the 2021 IIIF Annual Conference, Museum Publishing Digital Interest Group, Introducing Bug Report Forms, Museum Computer Network
  • July 2021: It Takes a Village: Developing Open-Source Tools, Forum Documentation Now Available, Quire Version 0.19.2 🚀 , National Museum Publishing Seminar, Materia: Journal of Technical Art History
  • June 2021: Call for Quire Website Feedback, New GitHub Documentation Available, Help Us Improve the Quire Docs, IIIF Annual Conference, National Museum Publishing Seminar, 2019 Publication From Ad Hoc Museum Collective
  • May 2021: Announcing the New Quire Website, IIIF is Now Available for Quire, Digital Catalogues Study, Getty Marrow Internship Program Impact Report
  • April 2021: New Quire Resources: Glossary & Cheatsheet, Deploy Your Quire Project with Netlify Drop, New Publications from Pitts Theology Library, Candler School of Theology, Emory University and Duke University Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab
  • March 2021: How to Set Up Forum Notifications, Reminder to Update Quire, New Quire License, New Publications from Hong Kong University Libraries, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and Northwestern University Libraries
  • February 2021: Announcing the Quire Community Forum, Quire Repository Migration: Update, Guidelines for Uninstalling Quire, Installing Quire, and First Time Quire Users, New Publication from Mills College Art Museum
  • January 2021: Quire Repository Migration, Forthcoming Quire Features, IIIF Image Tiling, Call for Freelance Developers


  • December 2020: Quire: A Year in Review, New Releases, Thank You Contributors, Looking Ahead to the Future